You may want to put the central warming up while you're watching this eight-part icelandic thriller; it's the potential which will make your core temperature drop a couple of points. not always because of the horror of the serial killer, but much more the hypnotic effectation of the limitless shots of snow and icy liquid, backed by a score of tinkling digital fear.

It starts steamily enough, with a lively clinch in a bar washroom. the lady, iris (arnbjorg hlif valsdottir), is specially singing in her satisfaction. an unwelcome phone call for thor, the woman swain, cuts things quick. i never ever moved him! thor (vilhjalmur hjalmarsson) shouts, adding something that doesnt need a translation. iris toddles off to the night, and thor is savagely attacked while taking a piddle in a dock basin.

Dragged set for questioning by detective katrin kata gunnarsdottir (nina dogg filippusdottir), iris is less than helpful: ow-wow! owie-yowie-yow! she screams, in a few of the finest inarticulate acting ive ever before observed. as soon as iris has recalled to utilize terms, she notifies kata they certainly were used from the bar by a shadowy figure. he wore dark clothing. no kidding. it is possible to scarcely purchase other things in reykjavik to evaluate from the cast clothes.

The trope of jaunty, rock-music-playing pathologist has reached iceland. breaking removed from the 30-year-old skeleton of a young teenage guy, pointed out so casually its bound become crucial into the story, this one admires thors postmortem peeper-slashing: thats something we dont see frequently. well, hes set for a treat now.

Another corpse is from a completely various social stratum than sleazy, drug-dealing thor. omar is a good investment banker (fantastically in egalitarian iceland, this compatible just moderate house comforts). the mos the exact same, and authorities main magnus is keen to help keep this news from the news, and/or situation could descend into anarchy! flake out, magnus, everybody else seems much too cold for that.

Kata is embroiled in strife both yourself and also at work, what with back-stabbing magnus and resentful colleague helga. katas teenage boy kari (grettir valsson) is certainly going off the rails, and her irritating ex, egill, is seemingly going out with medusa. when it comes to murder investigation, reinforcements are known as in from oslo and get to the form of craggy, haunted arnar (bjorn thors), light on baggage but lugging a sackful of angst. he has a very stern means of saying nei to kata, so thank goodness she's an ally in lanky it man elingor (bergur ebbi benediktsson), handsome despite his bizarrely flat tresses. a wry and hot overall performance by filippusdottir assists in maintaining the chilblains away.

From november 21 on bbc4 at 9pm

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