Two months ago we requested if qanon, the internet conspiracy that promises trump is preserving the planet from corrupt pedophiles, is actually a larp (i.e. a live-action role-playing online game). the whole framework associated with the conspiracy, particularly its puzzle-solving elements, appeared to us to emulate the constructs of a purposefully in the pipeline alternative reality game.

It wasnt long before we had been devote touch with many voices which did actually validate the idea.

Its a strange tale. one that features a multitude of actors, numerous with varying or not-always clearcut agendas.

Heres a quick video we made about our conclusions up to now:

The rabbit gap behind the bunny gap points the hand at a tiny band of on the web youtubers and social-media amplifier sites. but inaddition it connects into strange cults, more successful on line args like cicada 3301, with seeming assistance from a network of previous intelligence providers.

Since it appears, it looks very much like q drops tend to be authored not by a single individual but a team.

But there is also a problem.

In a nod into the famous look for satoshi, definitive proofs are lacking. the entire system operates all over construct of plausible deniability. and some of this most-likely applicants still deny participation. thomas schoenberger, whom goes on the web by the name of st germain -- and who's referenced in our movie as one of the probably orchestrators -- supplied united states aided by the following statement:

Youtuber defango, whoever real-name is manuel chavez, at the same time, consistently claim that he invented the overall game in a coleen rooney-style sting operation to smoke cigarettes away how disinformation spreads over the alternative media room.

He told us:

Even as we discovered from covering crypto, nothing is previously just what it appears within these worlds.

However the proven fact that qanon is less of a conspiracy plus of a weapons-grade emotional warfare device which takes advantageous asset of pre-existing systems or forges new ones in a quote to amplify propaganda across the internet is not completely far-fetched. the thing is, if thats really what it's, it seems having gone available access. and that suggests, like bitcoin, it could be tapped into and replicated by anybody.

In bitcoins case having the very first mover benefit mattered. we can only sit back and watch to see if thats the outcome with qanon.

Additional product through the interviews we did with arg pioneer jim stewartson, former cia operative john sipher and cult specialist steve hassan will undoubtedly be readily available briefly regarding the ft alphaville youtube channel.

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