First love, secret resides, a tragic death, bananarama. these types of may be the stuff of summer of 85, franois ozons nostalgia-soaked story of homosexual awakening. the setting is a tiny city on normandy shore, plus the mulleted age regarding the subject. both tend to be held hectic.

Ozon tends to make most of the benetton period trappings, their focus 16-year-old alexis (flix lefebvre), some sheltered. the sea plays its component as he is rescued as a result by david (benjamin voisin), since rakish as any provincial 18-year-old ever ended up being, hedonistic with a glamorous solitary mother. glamour works when you look at the household; david shortly seduces alexis, although alexis doesnt need much seducing.

The affair blossoms behind closed doors but, interestingly, the movie never strikes the music you might anticipate of an agonizing developing. on the other hand, neither does it deepen in to the murky therapy of this talented mr ripley it quickly appears to toy with. the tone is oddly vanilla all round, in the long run just one more film ticked down for ozon. of all adjectives a director could seek for on their own, no one works harder for prolific.

In cinemas as well as on curzon residence cinema from october 23