Beyond the lonely refrain of glen campbells classic pop music tune, the town of wichita implies small toward european site visitors of david hornbacks events. where the hell is wichita?, a question the usa photojournalist features frequently experienced, provides the diminishing thoughts of their teenage many years in the home in kansas within the belated 1970s.

Hornback began taking photos of his family and class mates at age of 15, consigning the downsides to a shoebox as he left for college and only recovering them 2 decades later. it may be some sort of seen totally in black and white, he writes, but also for myself it is just as real. within these images, hornback features discovered a method to resist the passing of time, their siblings permanently caught in moments of play and prayer as his moms and dads look sternly on.

In which the hell is wichita? is showing at argus fotokunst, berlin, to january 30 2021

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