Brush up with painterly tilesbalineums brand-new collection of tiles had been designed by brooklyn-based singer and textile fashion designer wayne payte. each one of the nine habits is hand-painted on terracotta by artisans in italy. from 13.75,

A quick-draw water bottle holstercrossbow leathers holster functions solid metal hardware and a variable band. it comes down in a little dimensions appropriate reusable containers under 30fl oz, and a larger one for all those over 30fl oz. from $98,

Scented pencils to pine forfor this collection, caran dache teamed up with alberto morillas, master perfumer and founder of mizensir, to generate some four graphite pencils carved from ayous and poplar lumber. built in geneva, they're infused with mizensirs alps spirit fragrance to generate a multi-sensory design knowledge. 35,

Clap along if you believe this cutlery kits for youmade by pentatonic in collaboration with pharrell williams i'm various other brand, the small pebble dining set by otherware includes a knife, fork, spoon, straw and chopsticks and it is made completely from recycled products, including cds. 49,

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Xmas designs good enough to eatfeast your eyes on finding keepings wonderful, hand-painted styles. from glittering artichokes and bananas to oysters and caviar, many of these ornaments are made from traditional moulds over 100 years old. from 12 each,