Now in period, homegrown uk roots eg swedes, parsnips, beets and celeriac tend to be lamentably undervalued. even yet in the level of lockdown, whenever sales of pulses rocketed, they remained unloved and ignored. but they really should not be dismissed, particularly when supply stores are delicate and shortages probably.

They might maybe not win numerous beauty pageants, however these subterranean beauties tend to be diamonds within the rough. in the event that you address all of them with only a little love and care, roots and tubers tend to be dependable and enjoyable high in sweet, deep and surprising flavours that see you through a lean cold weather.

They've been flexible too. including, carrots, beetroots and turnips prosper thinly shaved and quick-pickled with white wine vinegar plus a few aromatics eg black peppercorns, cinnamon and cloves. mellow nice potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, swedes and parsnips could be boiled and mashed into silken pures with substantial quantities of ointment and the inclusion of one thing feisty such as for example fresh ginger or turmeric or fragrant herbs like cardamom or nutmeg.

For me personally, its celeriac warty, odd and impenetrable which provides the absolute most guarantee. hack away the brutish exterior with a knife and chop it into good matchsticks before folding in horseradish and mayonnaise for a punchy remoulade. and sometimes even sexier, roast it whole, piece thickly and pan-fry like a steak before providing with a caf de paris sauce like yotam ottolenghi inside the brand-new guide flavour.

Root vegetables may appear to be plain janes, however the way theyre prepared doesnt need to be dowdy. this savoury cake provides them with an attractive makeover and a minute to shine. roasting all of them teases out their particular all-natural sugars so they caramelise beautifully on top of the cake. the gremolata, that will be packed with delectable things eg preserved lemon and pul biber, should-be doled out liberally to carry lightness into earthy roots and cut-through the richness regarding the cheesy cake.

Provide with some salad as a light lunch or supper or with a poached or fried egg for breakfast.

Serves six

For preserved lemon gremolata

Ravinder bhogal is chef-patron of jikoni in london; . her guide jikoni: proudly inauthentic dishes from an immigrant kitchen is posted by bloomsbury. follow this lady on instagram

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