Trumpeter, composer and artistic musician rob mazurek is proficient in the eclectic customs of chicago jazzs left field. he circulated their very first record album in 1994, along with his 70-plus recordings vary from edgy free-form duos and orchestral actively works to soundscapes made up of tracks of a tankful of electric eels.

This record album, the seventh featuring their exploding celebrity orchestra, opens up with orchestral strings using the rhythmic push of a stravinsky or brtok, accompanied by a supple pulse of 50s third flow (a fusion of jazz and classical), then an african lilt. the net is cast wide, however the strongest influence could be the cosmic avant-gardism of late pianist and composer sun ra.

Mazureks otherworldly vibe is achieved by voicings dominated by flute, vibes and strings, instead of ras electric keyboards and metal. nevertheless the odd juxtapositions and galactic mysticism continue to be that opening track is named sunlight core tet (parable 99) and powerful soloists hit unforgettable highs.

A wrinkle eventually sets concentric sectors reeling, the records second track, verifies the broad-minded method. here, flautist nicole mitchell and vibraphonist joel ross interweave over layers of flute, metal and strings, and percussionists give the mechanistic futurism a latin weave. later on, galaxy 1000 delivers a funky mix of asiatic pentatonics and native us chanting, and the careening prism within (parable 43) features sparse abstractions and a crescendo of geoff parker electric guitar.

Many compositions consist of somewhat portentous voiceovers that conjure 50s b-movie sci-fi, though expressions like crystalline disalignment and pixilated abstraction may be information for the tightly organized songs which froths underneath.

The record ends up with two of its strongest songs. parable 3000 bubbles and boils over stirring strings and draws on ensembles substantial solo energy. the orchestral panorama autumn pleiades hits a peak and fades into electronica, closing using the line could this be real, could this be you? enunciated clearly by an unaccompanied vocals.

Dimensional stardust is released by international anthem/nonesuch records