Once i relocated to england aged seven, it was christmastime. thetrees stood bare and aloof and the sky had been bloodshot. i remember a light snowfall descending from the grass outside. my cheeks stung from the cool and icurled my hands into a fist inside my mittens, that we insisted on using at all times. through our frosty windows, we viewed men and women taking pleasure in by themselves up and down the street. there were wreaths and shimmering lights plus the sound of carols filling air.

In nairobi, i had already been used to exuberant shows of colourful sweets and fireworks at diwali, prayers at vaisakhi and fragrant biryani from our pakistani neighbours at eid, but christmas time, besides becoming my dads birthday celebration, came and moved like any other day.

In the united kingdomt, by contrast, we joined up with hindus, buddhists, muslims, sikhs and many others who'd relocated to britain from various sides of its previous empire, to put tinsel around woods, trade gift ideas and sing o little town of bethlehem with christian pals no matter if we didnt rather know the words.

For many people, the holiday season might have less regarding considering the birth of jesus than making merry with family and friends, indulging in a lot of mince pies and exploring the product sales. butreligion apart, christmas brings united states collectively in cultural co-existence and combining various ideas, values and ethnicities produces new customs.

From goose biryani to jerk-spiced turkey, its wonderful to watch disparate cultures merge in revelatory methods. its what makes a modern uk christmas so wealthy, therefore delicious and so successful. its maybe not a festival becoming hoarded but provided.

This year has-been marked by ugly racial and social divides, also tragedy. demonstrably, we have to get a hold of treatments for over only coronavirus. but among the gloom, there has also been light, and also this christmas we have to commemorate the numerous lights which have not let the darkness engulf united states.

So lets raise a toast to one another, to absent friends and most of the those who work in hospitals and enrich our communities with lifeenhancing functions of kindness. in the future collectively as you with hope inside our hearts is a real work of belief.

Serves eight

For the quick pickled cucumbers

The topping


Serves eight

When it comes to jerk seasoning

Pineapple baste

The mango chutney

Helps eight

When it comes to custard

Ravinder bhogal is chef-patron of jikoni in london;. follow this lady on instagram

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