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It was six years ago whenever i first landed on alentejo soil. i was with my lawfully wedded spouse of 38 hours. the drive to cabanas no rio in comporta, the spot wed scheduled into for the mini-moon, took us through ever-changing landscape of the alentejo area. occupying above a third of portugal, the land beyond the tagus includes grain industries, vineyards and forests heavy with cork oak. alongside the type, you can find castle-topped mountains and walled towns. against all of this beauty, an impressive western shoreline dotted with crazy shores and charming fish villages.

Silent residing could be the tiny resort business that works cabanas no rio alongside other properties. the places, aside from the exquisitely restored santa clara 1728 in lisbons alfama neighbourhood, talk to the vastness of alentejos sparsely inhabited country, sitting alone plus in equilibrium making use of their surroundings.

We arrived locate two wood cabins set against a marsh, surrounded by a stretch of liquid, a pontoon and a lonely ship. one of many cabins served as bedroom and restroom; the other had been a small living location with a kitchen. the wide doors transported united states between complete exposure to the sun and rain within the time and a sense of cosiness and protection at night.

For five times, we did what newlyweds do. each morning a lady named dolores would stride over the green with a sack high in ham, mozzarella cheese and breads. over a breakfast of toast, fresh lime liquid and coffee, we talked as to what our lives would be. inside day, we would hold arms and enjoy the peaceful of staring into the lake. from the unusual occasions when wed venture out, it would be to eat fresh grilled fish and beverage cocktails on coastline at comporta caf. within the belated mid-day, we would move onto praia da gal-fontanhas and watch as sun-descended behind the red sandstone high cliffs and magnificent dunes.

We have gone back to portugal on a yearly basis since our honeymoon. initially, we remained on a 50-hectare property with a number of independent homes, the whitewashed boxes forming a path towards the pool where the journey comes to an end both with elation or wild frustration, dependent on sunbed supply. on two other events, we had been friends at a vineyard, in which espumante was supported withbreakfast and a delicious gleaming red cost 3. idcomeback behaving as though i were the first person todiscover vinho verde.

Silent livings casa na terra The author and her one-year-old, fortunate prempeh-goodhead, at casa na terra

But as frequently as perhaps not, weve chosen to choose a silent living residential property. their particular cachet is born out of a carefully researched and remarkably performed eyesight a cherry-pick of the best components of self-catering rentals and hotels therefore guests can experience the deluxe of concierge services and catered meals while enjoying the privacy afforded when you're the only real occupiers of the room.

The architecture specifically soothes and transports. the initial associated with the silent living homes to open up, casas na areia, that has been initially a family house, represented portugal on venice architecture biennale in 2008. the sand flooring blur the feeling of interior and outside, whilst the structure blends effectively with all the surrounding nature. along with its focus on connection and serenity, the home motivates whoever is staying to move towards a simpler approach to life. silent livings founder, joo rodrigues, defines his goal as creating the right environment for little modifications to happen that you experienced. its a location to reconnect with yourself while the folks in your area.

The dining location at casa na terra opens onto a rock terrace Concrete floors into the residing section of casa na terra

We've had a variety of vacation experiences in alentejo. i've brought pals and, as an organization, we havedescended upon the small city of vora, a unesco worldheritage web site, and went to the museums, churches and an impressive cathedral enclosed within the medieval walls. one summer, a complete mid-day disappeared at herdade da malhadinha nova winery and spa, in which we coupled a guided trip of basement withayurvedic indian massage treatments. another year, the seaside village of zambujeira do mar featured greatly i might rest fixed from the sand as others surfed or hopped between shores utilizing the clifftop routes.

Exactly what we hadnt fully valued until recently had been this: our portuguese pauses have been fun, but the silence and tranquillity of our honeymoon travel had been curing. and after months suspended in isolation, itwas a surprise to realize we craved absolutely nothing even more thanthat seclusion yet again. whenever green light to travelwas given, we didnt talk about also for a moment where we'd get.

The roads through the airport to casa na terra, rodriguess most recent inclusion on silent living portfolio, tend to be smooth and winding. getting lost and operating through fields is apparently a rite of passageway when travelling to a silent residing home, and in alentejo generally. this time we struck our dead end in a town one mile away, before gently becoming directed to your household.

Stairs down to the front door at casa na terra

Pals described the casa na terra, initial devote which we remained, due to the fact troglodyte house. this has a subterranean appearance. in fact, the only real cave-like qualities will be the smooth cement floors and walls, therefore the coolness thats at odds because of the burning up heat exterior. a large amount of light stream through from cup doors of cooking area and residing location, each of which lead to an open stone terrace dealing with a field and a massive lake. here, staring at the scene, reading absolutely nothing and witnessing nobody, we found a sense of room and freedom that had been eluding us and which wed already been dreaming about for months.

Becoming indeed there with this one-year-old remaining little opportunity for impromptu lake-gazing now, nevertheless increased ability to process and reflect ended up being the same as i'd skilled from the first go to years ago. inside mornings, we spoke of plans for the day with an ease that originated in comprehending that a perfectly wonderful alternative should be to wait and do nothing that will be mainly what occurred. when you look at the nights, we would drink neighborhood wine regarding terrace and get both concerns which were too huge and frightening to think about in london during lockdown: that we going to be today? in which should we stay? is something likely to be the exact same again?

The writer on side of the share at casa no tempo The four rooms at casa no tempo, with a view of available living and dining area

Our 2nd house, casa no tempo, had been a short-ish drive away: a contained and old-fashioned structure that made a primary comparison from the even more futuristic casa na terra. at casa na terra the scene was indeed rugged with avantage of this pond. right here, we viewed a landscape dottedwith gleaming brown horses; a herd of goats sipped from the pool. your house it self, all whitewashed faade, sits harmoniously when you look at the farmland. in, the space is deceptively huge, with a broad, echoing corridor leading to four bedrooms hosting reduced, large bedrooms, brown tiled flooring and bathrooms with views associated with reasons. the traditional nation cooking area opens as much as home gardens; the boundaries between inside and out are again softened and blurred. a long path leads down to thepool, where the smooth sides and sloping depth develop an illusion of sea. on a hike that took united states deeper in to the reasons, we discovered ponds acting as tiny oases across theland. each one is bordered by intense greenery, sooner or later providing solution to sandy shores where locals fishfor crabs. naked cork trees and mountainous rockssit nonchalantly into the liquid, giving your whole scene an air of otherworldliness.

The very last day's our sojourn was our seven-year loved-one's birthday. we celebrated with meal at the michelin-starred land vineyards resort in montemor-o-novo. chef nuno amaral takes standard portuguese dishes and reinterprets all of them with asian influence, generating a hybrid selection featuring meals like purple mullet with lemongrass and coconut stew. his aspiration is complemented by natural wines fermented in ecological vineyards throughout the region. more neighborhood ingredients had been devoured at dinner that night under the beautifully litarch associated with the entrance to casa no tempo. with stars shooting overhead additionally the silence taking in our laughter and stories, the solitude felt like an exceptional gift.

Charlene prempeh in the pool at casa no tempo

You will see two more silent living tasks on casa no tempos land later on: the initial concept, coming in 2022, is six rooms which will aim to foster neighborhood spirit by taking guests together to help make mozzarella cheese and collect good fresh fruit. the 2nd might find the introduction of five special cabanas reflecting the all-natural elements of stones, liquid, trees, wind plus the sand which they lay on. its yet additional elaboration regarding the theme on root of everything rodrigues does: the want to host, to embrace visitors in an ambience and an ethos that feel genuine. simply the way you welcome old pals, he states. thats exactly what weve already been performing and exactly what well carry on doing.

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