Despite orbiting the profession of nba legend michael jordan, the interesting brand new documentary one man and his footwear is not about baseball. or its just just as much as the sport slots into a wider lattice of money, tradition, competition, marketing, design and socio-economics. in a nutshell: the rest also. we do often see jordan on courtroom, a soaring, all-conquering man-machine. also then, your eyes are for some reason attracted perhaps not by manager yemi bamiro up to the alchemy their movie investigates to his footwear, the nike air jordans whose replicas would become a vast worldwide business.

Kudos to bamiro for covering that much surface in 83 minutes without leaving you hyperventilating. the detail is so rich, it feels strange perhaps not finding it offered over a multi-part netflix show. lean and snappy, much of the film could be taken as a neatly illustrated simple tips to proper looking to build a multi-billion-dollar brand name from the raw ingredients of, say, a scrappy manufacturer of jogging shoes (the first 1980s nike) and a college basketball hopeful in jordan.

For the people taking records, you will find masterstrokes and happy accidents. with hindsight, crucial could be the decision credited to jordans then manager that nike would relentlessly market him as an individual, in place of a mere agent of a group. the lucky break came using the nba banning jordan from wearing initial red and black version regarding the shoe in actual games an offhand motion of fusty conservatism that offered the latest brand immediate cool therefore the implied sense of competitive benefit. will it be the shoes? ran the tagline of another crucial problem piece, the groundbreaking marketing places commissioned from then novice director spike lee.

Such were the foundations. the headline three decades on is a brand name nonetheless flourishing, because familiar as coca-cola. however the film just isn't a straightforward party its arc is stranger and sadder than that. among them, lee, jordan, nike set the floor for the radiant sneaker culture now expressed in mags and media, retro reissues and a lucrative collectors marketplace. (the film discovers one parisian lover ecstatically sniffing the tissue-paper inside an authentic shoebox.) more sombre may be the concealed price of the success, a manic feeling of must-have resulting in teenage guys being killed for his or her shoes.

Bamiro doesnt treat the violence as an afterthought. time is spent with those handled by it and unpicking the reasons behind it. there are uneasy conclusions in regards to the dark arts of supply and need. and jordan, immortalised while the jumpman graphic associated with brand name? it's wise which he remains evasive, declining is interviewed the guy who long ago transcended into a logo.

In british cinemas from october 23 and online streaming in the uk from october 26