You could understand that nigel farage has found himself a unique gig.

No, we arent speaking about his caught america brown-nosing donald trump, or his rebranding of brexit party to an anti-lockdown party called reform british (he might have thought more concerning the demographics thereon one), or even his newfound love for conserving migrants into the english channel (truly).

Exactly what were referring to is their new day-to-day newsletter, fortune & freedom. its purpose is to get your hard earned money plus fate in the hands and its published by southbank investment research restricted. (their various other newsletter games include short society, brand new drug speculator andcrypto income extreme. had been sensing a layout building right here.)

When we first reported upon it, we noticed our niges libertarian language echoed that the crypto bros had been therefore partial to, and noted that:

Really, whilst turns out, he didnt stop short of it for too much time. because at the time of a week ago, using the cost of bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies visiting the moon, it was time for fortune & freedom going complete crypto. most likely, in line with the publication, bitcoin is the ultimate anti-lockdown financial investment (we do not quite have it both).

On friday, it had been time for an actual treat: a job interview with this nige and a real-life cryptocurrency expert labeled as sam volkering. to-be totally honest, we have never ever heard of him, nonetheless it ends up hes written a book! called crypto revolution. oh and weirdly as it happens that he is the editor of southbank investment research.

Here they've been deep in discussion (mr volkering needs to be actually high):

Nigel tells us in a type of pantomime-performer style:

And then, come wednesday, it absolutely was time for a very. unique. offer:

Act now!!!!!!!!!!!!

You understand whenever you do a 5 secret santa with colleagues and you end up getting some one you privately dont like definitely? you are welcome.

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