Michael woodford, dustman and caretaker of cranbrook primary class in east london, filled his former council maisonette with late, enraged works on paper by picasso: grotesque decrepit old guys, flamboyant exhibitionistic women, painters and designs, circus numbers, through the 156 and 347 show.

The games reference how many etchings produced in brief, obsessive, virtuoso bursts; regarding the 347 made in 1968, picasso explained: we invest time after time while i draw, observing my creatures and thinking about the angry things theyre around; fundamentally its my means of composing fiction.

Elizabeth burney had been a criminal psychologist which obtained works revealing, she felt, pathos and empathy with suffering humanity: kthe kollwitzs sombre woman together with her head bent, georges rouaults skeletal prisoner the convict from their miserere series but in addition marc chagalls brilliant, fairytale red rooster, coated in exile in yearning the outlying life and folklore of their russian youth.

After that there is george dannatt, chartered surveyor by day, music critic by night, and his partner ann, president of association of women housing managers: their flair, informed by the pleasures of music balance and composition, had been for abstraction juan gris, hans arp, jean hlion, pierre soulages.

Just what these enthusiasts shared had been moderate means, unique personal flavor and also the generosity to go out of their actively works to pallant house gallery, chichester. their bequests tend to be among a few before decade which still transform the present day holdings of this enticing gallery, and develop on key legacies from designer colin st-john wilson in 2006 and residential property creator charles kearley in 1989.

Tilting pallant from its usual uk focus, degas to picasso: overseas contemporary masters, opening on december 5 (with friends previews december 3-4), is an illuminating assortment of collections. it features some fabulous paintings: vuillards intensely textured, designed, intimiste model seated in a chair, your ex in a white petticoat in the house of this music artists corset-maker mom; gino severinis futurist masterpiece, the high-kicking, yellow-stockinged, fractured danseuse no.5. but, leading with degass outstanding big charcoal nude woman combing her hair, with purple chalk highlights scarlet slippers it is mostly deals with paper, and mostly those acquired by the gallery this century.

It informs two positive tales: of european modernism seen through the less familiar lens of drawings and images, and of the marvels feasible to acquire as, in michael woodfords words, a small enthusiast (not an abundant stone celebrity!) collect[ing] through love when finance allowed!

Pallant house gallery had been launched, in 1982, on mainly british number of walter hussey, dean of chichester cathedral. kearleys bequest then swelled european brands: he previously bought since the 1930s, with decorative motives, to cheer up a bare modern-day penthouse.

On a yearly 700 spending plan, he netted an 1898 lithograph of czannes the large bathers, obscure or late cubist paintings czech emil fillas multicoloured linear problem sitting man holding a newspaper, fernand lgers powerful 1939 the red gear and jewel-like semi-abstractions including paul klees inky watercolour clouds and joan mirs floating black colored types from 1959s etching/aquatint series we. wilsons alternatives, architectural, conceptual, art-historical, tend to be a counterpoint: an 1867 etching of manets seminal shocker olympia, josef albers geometric abstractions, le corbusiers pastel table, bottle and book a still life resembling an architectural diagram.

This is certainly a carefully selected, very carefully programmed tv show. inside context of pallants british holdings, it insists, as brexit looms, on inevitable french connections and influences vuillard on hodgkin, degas on sickert, czanne on everyone else. more generally, for brit audiences, just what a welcome screen on european art whenever travel is difficult: a celebration that culturally our company is maybe not an island.

December 5-april 18,