You might have noticed that when we use the term “bitcoin bro” — or “crypto bro” — we tend to take some heat in the comments section. Some people think it’s a sexist term (because apparently it excludes the copious women who call cryptoland home); some think it unfairly portrays crypto culture as a macho, bro-ish pursuit (whereas actually its focus is much more noble: “increasing economic freedom”, or “democratising finance”, or something).

Some people have even written to the FT’s editor to complain about being called a bitcoin bro, so we’ve had to insert an asterisk next to the names of those who don’t self-identify as such when we use the term, with an explanatory note. Just so our readers are aware.

Well over the weekend, a big bitcoin conference took place in Miami: “Bitcoin 2021”. We don’t want to cause any more beef, so we will not be imposing any such labels on this occasion. However, we would just like to leave you with some highlights.

For instance, there was this guy, “Nico ZM”, CEO of BitVolt Mining . . .

... who said, during a panel called “Toxic Maximalism: A Feature not a Bug”, to loud applause (you can watch the video here):

There were these guys and their “GOAT” entry — MicroStrategy CEO “Gigachad” Michael Saylor and bitcoin evangelist Max Keiser:

Here’s a still from that video, showing the crowd:

You can almost smell the oestrogen can’t you?

The Winkelevii were also in attendance, of course. Here they are with definitely-not-a-bitcoin-bro Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, founder of Bitcoin Pizza, a company with the disruptive idea of delivering pizza and allowing you to pay for it in bitcoin dollars:

As you can see, in an incredibly radical act of anarchy, one of the twins is pointing at his RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE t-shirt. Who knew it was so simple to take a stand against Wall Street? Every angsty teen from the 90s was clearly onto something.

As Pomp put it:

He’s right. Though one mustn’t forget that people need to be indoctrinated into freedom:

Talking of Twitter, crypto Rasputin was obv there too, sporting a bitcoin-orange T:

But we don’t want to be unfair — there were some women there too! Here are two:

Meanwhile, in another sign of what an absolutely marvellous time it is to be alive, the president of El Salvador now sports laser eyes on his Twitter profile, after it was announced at the conference that bitcoin is now legal tender in the country:

Bitcoin bros: definitely not A Thing.

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