From a yard party under the stars to supper at the savoy, we are proclaiming to offer you another possiblity to reveal exactly what your dream supper party would include and who would be welcomed.

The very first ft visitors fantasy supper party happened at the start of the pandemic earlier on this current year. in a live q&a readers shared ambitions of lavish functions with authors, photographers and wealthy business owners. others decided simpler visitor lists with family members they missed. clams, doughnuts and devilled eggs had been prime ingredients of 1 readers dream; another opted for a straightforward shrimp salad alongside a cold alcohol.

Now you possess chance to dream once again. reveal within the opinions below where your dream supper party happens and which five dishes are included. who'll prepare them and who will put the products? and which five guests residing, historical or fictional are across the table?

The ft fantasy supper party series appears in ft mag and on the web, and has now included pieces by the fts john gapper, which opted for joseph bazalgette and rosalind franklin as supper visitors, while the fts emma jacobs, which attracts roger sterling from television drama mad men to a garden celebration.

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