The second album by mario laginha,julian argelles andhelge andreas norbakken, three european jazz heavyweights, seamlessly blends the songs of three continents. here, the heat of west african percussion includes the slurred accents of this american blues and gentle european cadences help up-tempo jazz.

At records core tend to be three strong improvisers, each with a tale to inform. portuguese pianist mario laginha features roots in both fado and ancient songs, percussionist helge andreas norbakken adds a nordic sense of space and english saxophonist julian argelles is steeped in people, ancient and jazz. add in a shared regard for african music, additionally the trios musical compass is wide-ranging. but obvious themes, durable structures and the trios near interplay protect state of mind and narrative hold.

It opens up utilizing the pulsating piano riff of jaamm rek, the subject talking about a typical reaction to an everyday greeting when you look at the west african wolof language. percussion goes into with a rattle of sticks and a thump of drums, argelles adds a great time of fusion tenor sax as well as the track plays aside as a bacchanalian party. the bucolic ces solta, portuguese for dogs in the loose, functions argelles on soprano sax, pure-toned and playing at pace. sweetie is dignified ballad, sedate and somewhat melancholic in tone.

As record album progresses, percussion rumbles and fades, argelles digs deep and laginhas piano moves from lead outlines to precise accompanists support. singla and jurom develop african contacts with township inflections and a pulse driven because of the whump of a hand drum together with thwack of sticks. european impacts come to the fore from the waltz triple ripple, a gentle arc of chamber jazz, and on the 3 js, a slow-burn from minor-key piano to an up-tempo combination of people, funk and thrilling sax. scattered through ready, three brief improvisations edge regarding the abstract.

The ready finishes utilizing the baroque piano-lead motif of silncio. percussion decorates the pulse, soprano sax soars sweetly and european origins tend to be laid bare.

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