How would you distil yourself into seven moments? thats issue jewelry fashion designer annoushka ducas has been asking her customers recently. not for a memoir nor a biopic, but for a project she revealed in september: my life in seven charms. call-it an 18ct-gold biography.

Since she launched her eponymous jewelry range in 2009, ducass intricate charms have grown to be central towards brands identity. she calls them conversation pieces, built to represent one thing private a moment, memory or milestone. her most recent task adds a brand new level for this viewpoint: the possibility to percentage seven bespoke pieces associate of an important aspect of the wearers life. why seven? its lucky, says ducas. i love odd figures.

Ducas ponders why she and others look for charms usually completely created miniatures so captivating. she attributes her own fixation towards little figurines she was handed by the woman mama as a child, but historians have actually tracked our usage of all of them back to the rock age when fragments ofshell and bone tissue had been strung across fabric cords. will it be whenever were growing up we relate to miniatures because they relate to our dimensions? or is itabout having the ability to produce one thing asabsolutely perfect since it could possibly be and holdit in your fingertips? i believe theres something greatly alluring about this.

It is important for ducas is that the woman pieces look as near into the genuine thing that you can. in her own septet of charms, the yellow diamond submarine a mention of the the first track she can remember dancing to along with her mama has a spinning propeller and rose-cut diamond windows that reveal a locket room. the woman love of snowboarding, at the same time, takes the form of agondola completed with pav-set rubies, working doorways and some white-gold skis. and the charm tribute to her husband a diamond-studded sex attached with a set of feet is fitted with shoes that waggle cheekily. (she decided to honour him as a great silver stone, but he wasnt keen: bugger off, he stated. clearly i do want to be sex on legs!)

Exactly what ducas has grown to become brilliant at is pinpointing what this lady clients want, frequently before theyve articulated it themselves. the woman plans to create a bowl of noodles tend to be very good example. for me, its obvious your chopsticks and dish, using little wontons with it, should be on one bail, so the chopsticks which in my head should be made of ebony with silver caps will clink collectively, she describes. another request rhubarb the dog caused maybe not a four-legged tiny but a vision ofits namesake vegetable speckled with green pav sapphires and green tsavorites. ducass very own passion for dogs is converted as anengraved silver and diamond paw allure.

To inaugurate the task, ducas has actually recorded a podcast where a significant guest is interviewed every week about their own pair of charms. the idea was to select females with various stories to share with, from anne glenconner, princess margarets former lady-in-waiting, to caroline issa, leader of tank mag. its love desert island discs, says ducas, whose guests includes interiors guru kitkemp and htsi contributor lucia vander post. on the list of charms in issascollection tend to be aruby pomegranate anod to her iranian history and also the aforementioned noodles (your favourite dinner). the entire process of distilling key moments is practically because enjoyable as seeing just what annoushka styles, says issa.

Ultimately, ducas would like to develop heirlooms that reveal one thing about theirowners. she hopes that her kiddies immortalised inside her series as four pearl peas in a gem-encrusted pod should be able to share the charms due to their very own offspring. as it is typical of ducass fancy globe, each fee, offered as abracelet or necklace, is presented in a hand-bound guide with an individual scrapbook detailing every design, watercolour and point of determination. every thing about charms should do with thenarrative which they tell, the memory they give, just who they belonged to and when they wore them, she claims. possibly thats the thing that makes all of them therefore attractive.

A set of 18ct-gold charms with semi-precious rocks costs roughly 35,000, although rates vary according to the design and volume of charms. costs on application.