1 a replacement for a set of collar stiffeners meant to fit my preferred collar form i am nonetheless in mourning with regards to their reduction. charvet vermeil collar stiffeners, 205

2 i love the work of viennese shoemaker ludwig reiter: these shearling-lined sneakers tend to be vital in cold weather and decadently indulgent worn sans clothes. ludwig reiter shearling-lined suede sneakers, 329

3 i've maybe not gone to paris for almost a year while having therefore been deprived of seeing monsieur zaks of seraphin in the office regarding quai de valmy. seraphin deer-leather and nutria-collar townsman jacket, 4,500

4 impossible to get a hold of, heaven toignite. punch royal selectionno11cigars

5 i like the experience of ink flowing out ofa nib on the web page, and i also haverecently become extremely taken using the customiser regarding montegrappa website which allows one to concoct pens from silver, celluloid, marble and a lot more all using one composing instrument if youwish! montegrappa extra custompen, from 895

6 brightness at a dreary time. rolex metallic oyster perpetual 36watch in coral, 4,450

7 i've become obsessed with thisjapanese artist since being introduced to his work by the art supplier and adviser fabien fryns. end nowadays 9/16 2019 red dress , byyukimasa ida,poa, ;

8 i could never have a lot of of those. drakes silk horse racing print bandana, 155

9 the first patek i fell deeply in love with and a christmas-list stalwart of mine considering that the 1990s; extremely unaffordable then and much more so now one sold just last year for around 553,000 at sothebys. patek philippe ref 5020, poa

10 i am presently in a trip de france-like competition with a friend to learn the entire cycle (geddit?) of these emile zola books; i have just done au bonheur des dames in which he is ahead of myself on germinal. the rougon-macquartcycle by emile zola,

11 in the past i discovered a zodiacal belt buckle made by van cleef & arpels at a flea marketplace. i monitored it straight down inside organization archives as a unique order on the basis of the design of a late-1970s pendant. we use it with great enjoyment, but unfortunately it is taurus andi in the morning a sagittarian therefore i have already been toying utilizing the concept of commissioning a monstrously pricey gold buckle in my star sign from put vendme.

12 motti metallic reusable coffee podsfor nespresso coffee devices, 39.90 for just two