Needless to say, the pandemic caused by COVID-19 had a massive impact on financial markets and the economy all over the world. Many investors and property owners asking themselves: is the corona crisis also affecting real estate market and what are the implications for us?

Experts from Holdmar Holdings LLC noticed that coronavirus crisis does not seem to have had much impact on property prices. The reason is rather simple: real estate does not lose its attractiveness for investors in these times. A home can still be considered a stable investment in times of crises because people will always be in need to have a roof over their heads. It also appears that the property market will remain stable in terms of prices despite the corona crisis, particularly in the major cities. Especially in times of crisis, real estate is once again proving to be a safe investment.

Commercial real estate prices are also currently still stable. However, there are edge cases worth mention. Hotel, catering and retail sectors are having a hard time during pandemic. On the other side, the demand for storage space and warehouses could grow.

Given the above, investing in real estate remains a safe investment. Holdmar Holdings LLC is proud to provide a top-notch support and investment rates to its clients.

Nevertheless, in present the most important thing for us is that everyone adheres to the recommended protective measures. Then the economy can also recover and the market for commercial real estate in every sector can pick up again.

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