Gina Miller’s campaigning spirit has made her front-page news — but what’s less well known is the personal story behind her own financial journey.

As one of the highest profile women working in the City of London, the anti-Brexit campaigner has raised awareness of unfair investment charges, the impact of the gender pay gap and the need for women to embrace investing. Her latest fear? That the pandemic has set back women’s careers and earnings prospects.

To mark International Women’s Day next week, the co-founder of wealth management firm SCM Direct chats to presenter Claer Barrett for a special edition of the Money Clinic podcast.

Miller describes the powerful influence of her parents in fuelling her sense of justice as well as her early attitudes towards money growing up in Guyana, and why she had to learn how to be financially independent from an early age.

Launching her first business at the age of 22, Miller reveals how she learned to overcome “imposter syndrome”, with inspiring words for women running their own companies today.

She also talks about the tougher times, including how she rebuilt her life after two divorces, plus her experiences of parenting teenagers under lockdown.