Im simply a lonely man with some boy and two dogs, mark everett also called e told nme in a recently available interview. the son concerned is his child from a short (second) marriage, and enjoying the most recent record from everetts band, eels their particular 13th its tempting to conclude that it charts the course of his relationship along with his ex-wife. everett, after all, could be a devastatingly honest songwriter; eels great 2005 double album, blinking lights alongside revelations, had been a harrowing autobiographical affair which mined his youth, their life and his relationships in tracks particularly things the grandchildren ought to know and im going to end pretending that we didnt break your heart. but while there are undoubtedly aspects of earth to dora which can be predicated on his very own experiences, this is not the story of his relationship. there's an arc, but it is as much psychological as it's narrative.

The starting track, including something for boo is an acknowledged romantic fantasy, whilst title track derives from supportive texts everett sent to a despairing person in their teams roadway crew. are we alright once again, truly the only song regarding record written after the start of the coronavirus pandemic, appears toward a period when the globe can return to doing and enjoying regular things.

Musically, this really is a record album that adheres closely toward classic eels template: slack, sluggish to mid-tempo rhythms, guitars that shimmer, gleam and periodically growl, keyboards, a sprinkling of mandolin, and, front and center, that scratchy, abrasive voice which, with everett now 57, is starting to get some extended and thinning; that is no bad thing it simply makes him even more individual. the tunes tend to be strong and unforgettable.

This becoming an eels record, darkness is never far away, and everetts sound it self conveys a robust sense of weariness. have you been fucking your ex partner is another non-autobiographical song, a scenario of jealousy which everett worked up from an informal conversation with a friend. of unsent letters conjures a graphic of a desk saturated in missives revealing regret, once you understand the things i cant undo. i got hurt is rock bottom, no metaphors, no poetic imagery, simply telling it want it was: i obtained harmed, ok last one, and it also didnt feel well.

But everetts great present is the fact that, while he sang on mr es beautiful blues from 2000s daisies associated with galaxy album, youre goddam right, its a lovely time. day-after-day is a fresh time. pain will really pass. around us you will find constant reminders for the good stuff: birdsong, music, the heat of this sunlight, the material of life. these might appear like commonplace findings, and are expressed mainly in ordinary language, nevertheless they have an emotional honesty and a directness that give enormous capacity to everetts songs, and this moving and richly textured record.

Earth to dora is circulated by e works/pias