Conima Estates LLC decided not to lose the opportunities in residential sector. After evaluating the main attractive projects on non-commercial real estate market the representatives of Conima Estates LLC decided that by not investing in villas and houses the company misses great variety of perspective units. Therefore the Cyprus investor devoted great deal of the time scanning the market and searching for good real estate units. As a result of this search Conima Estates LLC purchased 14 villas of various class and has no plans to stop scanning the area. Most likely this company will deliver another portion of real estate opportunities.

In the nearest future Conima Estates LLC plans to concentrate on the area of coastline. This location has traditionally been one of top targets of foreign visitors and tourists. Mild beaches, comfortable climate and unique pure nature make this area a true heaven. Therefore numerous tourists decide to stay here for much longer period than vacation only. Villa is a perfect variant who seek to find the premise that meets all the requirements.

Depending on the expectations and financial state of the client the experts of Conima Estates LLC can help finding the best possible variant available on the market. The company also has several land sites and can offer a custom project to the client. Now any customers can participate in the creation of a dream-house by delivering the accurate requirements of the planning and layout.

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