The effective and damned: private diaries in turbulent times by lionel barber, wh allen, rrp25

Former ft editor recalls their electric encounters with the great (and less than laudable) actors in politics, company and social circuits, from davos to mayfair, and from mohammed bin salman to angela merkel.

The economics of belonging: a radical intend to regain the put aside and achieve success for allby martin sandbu, princeton university press, rrp20

Against global divisions of wealth and populism, the fts european economics commentator proposes a fresh personal contract championing training, wage equality and private ownership of information.

Investing to save lots of our planet by alice ross, penguin business, rrp14.99

The fts deputy news editor explores the horizons of accountable and eco-conscious investing, describing the options and showcasing the difficulty of greenwashing along with other business chicanery.

Kleptopia: how dirty cash is conquering the whole world by tom burgis, william collins, rrp20

Dirty money is the sprawling target in this complex tale of worldwide corruption by ft investigative reporter tom burgis, which analyses the geopolitical motives of these shadowy transactions.

Should auld acquaintance make forgot: the great error of scottish independence by john lloyd, polity, rrp20

This rebuttal for the case for scottish self-reliance from an ft adding editor contends that scotland would meet a new chronilogical age of precarity, perhaps not opportunity, if it were to check towards eu as the brand-new political companion.

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