Tender is the flesh, by agustina bazterrica, pushkin press, rrp12.99, 224 pages

Vegetarians may celebrate, and carnivores may quail, at argentinian novelist bazterricas unfussily rendered dystopian eyesight of a near-future globe where cannibalism is normalised and commodified. the image of humans undergoing the callous therapy usually reserved for cattle lingers very long after ward.

Notes from small planets, by nate crowley, harper voyager, rrp12.99, 256 pages

This really is a type of lonely earth help guide to the different sub-genres of sf and fantasy, written as though the work of a crass, blundering hack journalist. its splendidly satirical and hilariously funny, provided you dont brain literary sacred cattle being slaughtered with gleeful, merciless abandon.

Englands screaming, by sean hogan, ps publishing, rrp25.00, 306 pages

Hogan brilliantly unites dozens of uk horror films from the previous 50 years under just one narrative, as though each was constantly meant to form part of a sprawling mosaic storyline. his novel additionally shows the way the country found a cinematic valve for venting its distressed, grubby postwar id.

Hold-up the sky, by cixin liu, head of zeus, rrp18.99, 400 pages

The esteemed chinese writers 2nd short-story collection grounds high-flying sf conjecture in boring settings and warmly parochial characters. the ideas are big (time vacation, very first contact with aliens, the termination of the universe) nevertheless focus is definitely regarding the peoples element.

Night train, by david quantick, titan, rrp8.99, 400 pages

Set aboard a train hurtling through a nightmarish war-torn landscape, this surreal parable from a publisher best-known for their work on the television show veep revels in strangeness and snarky discussion. as a group of guests explores their particular environment carriage by carriage, ever-more grotesque horrors tend to be revealed.

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